barebox on gta04

Johannes Schauer j.schauer at
Mon Oct 24 17:11:37 EDT 2011


I was booting barebox from git on my "openmoko" gta04 today but what was
not working was the mmc initialization.

It was failing in mmc_init_setup() in ./drivers/mci/omap_hsmmc.c after
printing "timedout waiting for cc2!" when I had DEBUG enabled.

barebox 2011.10.0-00107-gdac6e90-dirty (Oct 24 2011 - 22:12:10)

Board: Texas Instrument's Beagle
omap-hsmmc at omap-hsmmc0: timedout waiting for cc2!
Cannot reset the SD/MMC interface

The gta04 should be very similar to the beagleboard and hence I was
building using the omap3530_beagle_defconfig.

any hints on how to continue debugging this problem are highly

cheers, josch

PS: sorry for my previous mail which was the result of hitting "y"
instead of "e" in my mutt...

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