pandaboard boot issue

Fabian van der Werf fvanderwerf at
Sat Oct 8 07:52:17 EDT 2011


I ran into problems trying to boot the pandaboard, which I think is the same
others reported on this list. After printing the pandaboard revision number
execution simply stops. I traced the problem to an unaligned access in
disk_register_partitions(). Barebox loads first sector of the disk in
memory. The offset of the partition table is 446 (decimal) which causes the
entire partition table to be unaligned.

Below is a simple patch. Though, I am not sure whether this is the right
fix, because this would affect all arm platforms and I would expect that
such a bug would be noted earlier. I fiddled a little with the alignment bit
in the System Control Register, but without success. I have to admit that I
don't yet fully understand the behaviour of this bit.

Does someone else have any ideas? Or is my patch acceptable?

Kind regards,

Fabian van der Werf

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