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Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD plagnioj at
Tue May 17 06:42:54 EDT 2011


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On 14:07 Tue 17 May     , Murthy, Ramana wrote:
>    Hi All,
>    I am new to barebox. Now a days I am trying to port a good bootloader onto
>    ARM Cortex M3 based board. The board has enough memory, Serial and
>    Ethernet interfaces.
>    Only thing lacking in Cortex M3 is MMU. Instead there is MPU(Memory
>    Protection Unit).
>    Does barebox support ARM devices without MMU? If Yes, please point me to
>    the related links.
Basicaly Barebox does not enable the MMU on ARM but actually the assembly is
not write to be 100% compliant with Thumb2. Otherwise you will not have big
issue to add the M3 support

To enable the MMU you need to enable CONFIG_MMU otherwise noMMU enabled by

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