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> Hi Filip,
> On 22/03/2011 09:41, Vanalme Filip wrote:
> > Are you sure about this ?
> > This is a fragment from a Freescale application note on NAND flashes (draft
> version however...).
> >
> > (there's a flowchart just above this explanation - I removed it because I think it's
> not that important for now)
> >
> > "The red dash line is the nand flash internal boot codes routine. There will be
> some important check points:
> > 1:If BOOT_INT fuse is 0x1, The internal boot will be enabled.
> > 2:If IROM_SUPPORT_EN fuse is 0x1, The ROM codes will be enabled.
> > 3:ROM codes will read GPCR register to check the boot pin settings.
> > 4:ROM codes will enable the Nand flash support, and get the Nand flash IO bus
> width by the value from boot pin settings.
> > 5:ROM codes will read ADD_CYCLE[1:0] to get the right Nand flash access
> cycle.
> > 6:ROM codes will send Nand flash reset command to Nand flash.
> >     Note: Micron flash(and the same alliance Nand flash manufacture need the
> reset command before operation the flash, Our external will not send out the
> command, Enable internal boot will enable this type of flash)
> > 7:ROM codes will read the first 2K page datum from flash to Nand flash controller
> buffer(Address 0xd8000000).
> > 8:ROM codes will check the CSF/DCD segment, but if the chipset HAB type is
> engineer version, It will just log the error message and jump to load address
> directly, Please check details in the follow section."
> >
> > Remark item 6...
> >
> yes I also saw this document, but Freescale told us several times that nand
> boot on Micron flash is not working so I didn't investigate more as we have
> NOR boot as a default on this platform ... and have switched to i.MX25 & 35
> for new applications.
> > Fragment from another Freescale doc :
> >
> > "►Option 1: Connect POR_B reset signal to NAND_Init
> > • Only available on NAND Flash devices that have the NAND_Init pin.
> > ►Option 2: Use Internal Boot Mode
> > • Requires eFuses to be programmed to enable Internal Boot Mode,
> > select NAND Flash address cycles and iROM support enable.
> > • Add NAND Flash Header to NAND to support iROM Boot.
> > ►Option 3: Double POR_B reset to i.MX27
> > • Initial POR_B will generate a hidden Reset in the NAND Flash when
> > i.MX27 performs initial NAND Flash read cycle.
> > • Reassert then deassert POR_B to re-generate the initial NAND Flash
> > read cycle.
> > • Hidden NAND Flash reset will NOT occur since power was not removed
> > from the NAND Flash.
> > • Small uC can be used to generate the timing."
> >
> > See option 2...
> >
> > At the moment, we are working on i.MX27PDK boards. I just checked the version
> id : 2. Title of the application note : "iMx27 TO2 Internal Boot". So, I guess this is
> intended for our version.
> >
> > If I'm right, your company is also manufacturer of i.MX27 based boards.
> Therefore, I tend to rely on your experience with that processor. Moreover, the
> application note is still a "draft" version... On the other hand, Freescale confirmed
> that we could use that kind of Micron NAND flashes without any problem. They
> even reviewed our own board design and made no remarks with respect to the
> NAND flash (no remarks on adding extra logic to support that type of NAND)...
> > This is a very confusing situation and it might result in a redesign of our board...
> >
> I've not worked enough on nand boot on i.MX27 to provide more feedback but FSL
> & Micron recommended us the workaround implying a double POR for nand boot.
> The problem is that sometime workaround sent by support that are not even
> tested and sometime there are things in the documentation which are also not
> tested or even not present in the CPU so it's difficult to know where is the
> truth without spending time on this problem ...
> Eric
[Filip] Thanks Eric for your input !

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