i.MX25 3-stack - over-current change on port 1 - USB host port not working

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Thu Mar 17 05:19:10 EDT 2011


On 16/03/2011 15:26, Teemu Peltola wrote:
> I have Freescale i.MX25 3-stack development board + debug board attached to
> it. I have built barebox-2011.03.0 using freescale_mx25_3stack_defconfig with
> some modifications to support NAND booting (see below). I have used
> buildroot-2011.02 to create 2.6.38 kernel (CONFIG_MACH_MX25_3DS=y etc.) and
> rootfs images.
> When I boot these images from barebox, dmesg displays the following error
> message constantly and USB host port does not work:
> mxc-ehci mxc-ehci.1: GetStatus port:1 status cc001020 102 ACK POWER sig=se0 OCC
> hub 1-0:1.0: over-current change on port 1
> hub 1-0:1.0: enabling power on all ports
> hub 1-0:1.0: state 7 ports 1 chg 0000 evt 0002
> If I try to use Freescale RedBoot (mx25_3stack_redboot_TO1_1.bin from
> L2.6.31_09.12.00_SDK_images_MX25 package) with the same kernel and rootfs, USB
> works. Is there some initialization that is missing from barebox?
if you don't need USB in barebox don't enable it. I also have problems with 
OTG port under Linux when it's enabled under barebox. I didn't yet found time 
to investigate.


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