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Eric Bénard eric at
Wed Mar 9 04:00:37 EST 2011


On 09/03/2011 09:33, Thomas Mayer wrote:
> thanks a lot for your help!
> I already started to think that I'm the first person who try to run
> barebox from a sd-card  :D
works fine here on i.MX25 & 35 (and I can't remember if I tested it on 51).

> Another question, is there any good way to get a debug or something like
> that at this very early point of boot process?
> Because I think to switch on the board and hope that something will send
> to the serial port isn't the best way to debug :D
> In chapter of the i.mx35 datasheet I found something
> interresting. It seems to be possible to query boot errors via serial
> protocol.
> But I couldn't find a example or a list of possible errors.
> Has anyone tried to query errors this way?
please find attached a quick and dirty (I'm not a programmer) soft to load the 
i.MX (tested on i.MX25/35/51) through serial port and the init file for our 
i.MX35 design (mDDR based).

The cfg file syntax is quite simple :
1st line :
file name_of_the_bin_file_to_load load RAM_ADDRESS_TO LOAD exec 

then, the syntax of the register access is the one of the configuration files 
of the peedi JTAG adapter we are using here : (so you can find init for DDR2)

With this tool you can easily initalize the CPU registers and test your ram 
(take care when you touch to PLL or clocks as this can break the bootrom 
execution or the serial line).

A future evolution will be a sort of shell to be able to read/write registers 
in live from the command line.

Feel free to provide feedback.

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