i.MX51 & MMU

Eric Benard eric at eukrea.com
Thu Feb 24 04:01:03 EST 2011

Hi Sascha,

On 24/02/2011 09:39, Sascha Hauer wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 09:34:46PM +0100, Eric Benard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> has anyone recently tested barebox master on a babbage board with
>> MMU enabled ? Here (not on a babbage, with a TO2 i.MX515 with 1 bank
>> of DDR2), enabling MMU crash the board (which works fine with
>> barebox with MMU disabled and with Linux 2.6.38-rc6 so the hardware
>> seems not to be the root of the problem).
> The memory space of the i.MX51 is a bit tight. It may be that you shadow
> registers with the dma coherent memory space. Can you please post your
> mmu setup code sniplet?
> The babbage works with mmu enabled.
OK so the problem is on my side. For the moment the mmu part is the one of the 
babbage. But I must investigate as I only have one DDR2 bank on this board 
(for a 256MB total size) when the babbage has 2 (for a 512MB total size).


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