again on enviroment and partition problems

Omar Pighi pighi at
Mon Apr 18 11:03:33 EDT 2011

reading here:

it seems that now it works and save enviroments with correct crc.
but when i triy to ypdate_kernel it says_
partition dev/ not found... no one .bb partition has been
it should be done by hush_hack but it doesn't.

reading here:


I cannot find it in any kconfig file... so it is not possible to set
using menuconfig... should i add by hand. this means something missin in
the kconfigs...


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Il 18/04/2011 09:29, Sascha Hauer ha scritto:
> On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 11:14:13AM -0700, Greg Topmiller wrote:
>> We're are using the Freescale release L2.6.31_MX51_SDK_0912_Image and
>> it will do this on a Freescale Babbage board and our design.  It also
>> does the same thing in Linux when we mmap the address 0xf0000000 and
>> try to read from it.  It does not hang on the Redboot.bin image
>> supplied with the Freescale SDK.  The Redboot dump command displays
>> some data.  On the Freescale 3Stack board we get an illegal address
>> error in Redboot, but it will hang in u-boot.  We realize this is a
>> reserved physical address but would hope that an error of some kind
>> would occur rather than locking up the CPU.  Could it be some sort of
>> MMU initialization difference between Redboot and u-boot?
> I have no idea how redboot maps the memory in the mmu, but barebox and
> u-boot use a 1:1 mapping which results in the behaviour you see.
> Accessing reserved memory can result in a abort.
> Sascha

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