[PATCH] freescale-mx35-3-stack: support 256 MiB RAM

Roman Fietze roman.fietze at telemotive.de
Wed Apr 27 06:32:12 EDT 2011

Hello Marc,

On Wednesday, 27.April.2011 11:14:54 Marc Kleine-Budde wrote:

> Have a look at the /dev folder, do you have two "/dev/mem*"? If not
> you should make the .id unique, i.e. should be "0" here.

Barebox' register_device auto increments the ID if it's below zero,
and devinfo shows me

|----mem2 (ram0)
|----mem3 (ram1)

"My" code is just borrowed from boards/karo-tx25/board.c. So if it's
ambiguous, somebody (Sascha? Me?) should fix that there as well.

Thanks for the review.


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