again on enviroment and partition problems

Omar Pighi pighi at
Tue Apr 19 05:17:08 EDT 2011


you where right about CONFIG_GLOB... sorry.
and what about the other problem on crc error?
( is it ok the

but i have some problem on saving enviroment... I mean if i create a
enviroment variable from command line (i.e. myvar=testvalue) and perorm
saveenv command.
then reset the board.. i should find the variable again (using printenv
i doesn't have it defined)

i tried to modify a scrit in the /env directory (just adding an echo)
then "make" but downloading the new bin... but i cannot see the new init
script .. in the /env/bin directory i still have the old one...

can anybody explain to me the usage of this menuconfig item:

[*] Compile in default environment │ │
│ │ [*] Default environment generic │ │
│ │ (arch/arm/boards/freescale-mx25-3-stack/env/) Default environment path

attached my config file just to understand if i'm doign something wrong
on enviroment usage...


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Il 18/04/2011 19:48, Sascha Hauer ha scritto:
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 05:03:30PM +0200, Omar Pighi wrote:
>> reading here:
>> it seems that now it works and save enviroments with correct crc.
>> but when i triy to ypdate_kernel it says_
>> partition dev/ not found... no one .bb partition has been
>> created.
>> it should be done by hush_hack but it doesn't.
>> reading here:
>> but "CONFIG_GLOB=y"
>> I cannot find it in any kconfig file... so it is not possible to set
>> using menuconfig... should i add by hand. this means something missin in
>> the kconfigs...
> CONFIG_GLOB depends on CONFIG_SHELL_HUSH. Could it be that hush is not 
> enabled in you config?
> Sascha
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