New MACH Addition

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at
Mon Apr 18 14:33:13 EDT 2011

Hi Marko,

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 12:17:47PM -0600, Marko Milutinovic wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently ported barebox to a platform using an old AT91 chip (at91m55800a,
> ARM7TDMI core). There is already a MACH_AT91 folder but this chip is
> sufficiently different that I just made a new folder MACH_AT91_legacy. This
> was just a test project for me to get familiar with using barebox.
> I'm just wondering if there is any value in me merging in the code for this?
> I realize it's a pretty old chipset, but I'm finding barebox very useful and
> would like to contribute to it.

I never even heard of this chip. I think adding support for it should be
ok, but we might remove it in the future should non trivial architecture
changes become necessary and nobody cares for updating this.


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