Update barebox on mmc without touching partition table

Thomas Mayer thomas.mayer at telemotive.de
Fri Apr 8 05:18:36 EDT 2011


to copy barebox to a mmc I use the command "dd if=barebox.bin 
of=/dev/sdb bs=512 seek=2 skip=2 && sync". So I don't touch the first 
0x400 bytes with contains the partition table and everything is fine.

But I want to write a little script to update barebox itself via tftp. 
So I create a partition "/dev/self0" (0x00000 to 0x40000) and update 
barebox with "tftp barebox.bin /dev/self0". The problem is that barebox 
write the first 0x400 bytes too and overwrite the partition table .

Is there any way to "seek" and "skip" with barebox?


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