More Mini2440 questions...

Zoltán Kócsi zoltan at
Mon Apr 4 23:07:35 EDT 2011

Hi Jürgen,

> You can try. But when I read the datasheet, most of the time they
> only talk about 400 MHz max. CPU clock, and never about 533 MHz any
> more.

That's actually a worry. I checked the manual and it indeed explicitely
specifies 400MHz. Damn.

> Ahh, no I see the problem: You did not change anything in the
> environment. You are using barebox, not u-boot!
> Try to edit the /env/config file at your mini2440 instead:
> mini2440:/ edit /env/config
> mini2440:/ saveenv
> Think in scripts now, not in environment variables any more.




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