Failing to load Barebox Environment

Gaurav Singh gausinghnsit at
Wed Sep 29 02:50:20 EDT 2010

Hi all,
Currently I'm trying to load a barebox environment image from NAND
storage but can't load it correctly.

I have given the path of my environment in the config :

# CONFIG_OF_FLAT_TREE is not set

After registering the NAND device I prepared a couple of Bad Block
aware partitions :

devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x00000, 0x200000, PARTITION_FIXED, "self_raw");
dev_add_bb_dev("self_raw", "self0");
devfs_add_partition("nand0", 0x200000, 0x200000, PARTITION_FIXED, "env_raw");
dev_add_bb_dev("env_raw", "env0");

On compilation I get a barebox environment image - barebox_default_env.
Flashed this image to the env0 partition via DFU -
dfu -V 1 -P 24 /dev/env0

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