WATCHDOG question

James Robinson jmrobinson3 at
Tue Sep 14 23:27:30 EDT 2010

I have created my own port of our i.MX27 board and it is running great. 
One of the final things I need to get working is my external watchdog 
code. I added the code to my board's wamce.c (my boards main "C" file) 
and CONFIG_WATCHDOG=1 in config.h. I see that it is in-fact getting 
called from the device drivers. But.... when I break into the shell, I 
don't see it being called. I found that the simple shell has a watchdog 
kick in the readline function, but has anyone implemented the watchdog 
with the hush shell?

I have gotten the following to work and would like to thank the group 
for making it REALLY easy to get it working...
1) NAND flash
2) ethernet.
3) i2c - I can see my 2 i2c buses and also talk to my SM buss controller.
4) GPIO for fan,leds, and power button.
5) HS usb host. (still need to get FS host to work) I can see our hub's 
and touch controller.


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