BeagleBoard sdrc init writes reserved values

Orjan Friberg of at
Thu Nov 11 06:55:49 EST 2010

On 2010-11-10 17:13, Anand Gadiyar wrote:
>>> Anyone knows where these settings come from?  Derived from an older
>>> version of the TRM?  (I'm thinking there may have been a feature that
>>> was discovered to be unreliable or not working as intended so it was
>>> removed from the docs.)
>> I have no idea. I'm pretty sure though that the value has been copied
>> from some version of U-Boot or Xloader.
> I agree - I think this is an accident - probably copied from older loader
> versions and introduced in the first version that went here.

Ok, thanks.  (We haven't seen any problems related to those settings, we 
just checked them out of curiosity since we noticed there was a 
difference between barebox/x-load/u-boot. )

Orjan Friberg
FlatFrog Laboratories AB

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