BeagleBoard sdrc init writes reserved values

Orjan Friberg of at
Wed Nov 10 03:55:21 EST 2010

In sdrc_init in board-beagle.c both

         writel(0x1A, SDRC_REG(SYSCONFIG));


         writel(0x18, SDRC_REG(SYSCONFIG));

sets bits 4:3 in the IDLEMODE field.  The OMAP3 TRM (spruf98k) defines 
0x2 as the only valid value for this field, all others being marked as 
"reserved - do not use".  board-omap3evm.c does the same thing, 
board-sdp343x.c does not.

Anyone knows where these settings come from?  Derived from an older 
version of the TRM?  (I'm thinking there may have been a feature that 
was discovered to be unreliable or not working as intended so it was 
removed from the docs.)


Orjan Friberg
FlatFrog Laboratories AB

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