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Robert Schwebel r.schwebel at
Mon Nov 8 16:34:24 EST 2010


On Mon, Nov 08, 2010 at 09:14:28PM +0000, Matthew Pearson wrote:
> We are working on a G&F Cupid based solution using Barebox as the
> bootloader.  Currently we are using he Redboot that comes with the
> unit to download Barebox and execute it from memory, which is
> excellent for testing but not a long term solution.
> Does the Cupid port support executing Barebox from flash on boot in
> place of RedBoot? We have tried it a couple of times but each time has
> resulted in a bricked device. Perhaps we are doing something wrong in
> terms of the right configuration options for the bootloader? or
> perhaps how we are using RedBoot to flash it?
> Any hints/tips would be appreciated!

We have a little bit hacky barebox port for the CUPID (to be shown at
the electronica in Munich, starting tomorrow), and we would surely be
interested in some sponsoring to get the port mainlined. Please contact
sales at if you are interested.

Btw, the MX35 is really, really fast. It boots into Linux in less than a
second, so that we currently are able to show a splash screen directly
from Linux userland.

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