[PATCHv2] Add dynamic video initialization to barebox

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Mon Nov 1 09:29:21 EDT 2010

Hi Jürgen,

Le 01/11/2010 14:19, Sascha Hauer a écrit :
> General remarks about this series:
> - Please do not add code with '#if 0' and activate it later. This shows
>    the series has the wrong order.
> - Please refrain from basing your internal functions around 'struct
>    device_d'. By doing so we completey lose type safety and at least in
>    case of the mci framework where three different devices are involved
>    this leads to unreadable and error prone code. The framebuffer
>    code should be based around struct fb_info.
> - Please keep the line lengths within sensible limits.
> - Get rid of CONFIG_VIDEO_DELAY_INIT and make the mode runtime
>    changeable. All this requires is a
>    host->fb_disable(info); host->fb_mode(info, newmode); host->fb_enable(mode);
and pcr in imxfb_mode which describes polarity of signals and thus can change 
from a screen to another.


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