Novice questions

Jose Luis Zabalza jlz.3008 at
Thu Jul 1 23:03:27 EDT 2010

Hello all

I'm trying write some code into barebox and  I have seen things that
caught my attention.

1.- Modules on barebox. lsmod, insmod commands, EXPORT_SYMBOL() macro.
What is the purpouse of these ? Modules have no means less memory
footprint ;-??
2.- usb command is on drivers/usb/usb.c file. What is the reason why
it is not on commands dir?
3.- What is the purpouse of usb command. Discover devices but after I
can't read because I have not drivers associates to them. Actually, is
there any way to read them?
4.- Does anyone use the usb for anything other than firmwarize the
device with DFU?

Thanks in avance

jlz.3008  a t
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