Query on default environment

Premi, Sanjeev premi at ti.com
Fri Jan 8 04:18:24 EST 2010

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> Subject: Query on default environment
> Hi,
> I was trying to create a default environment for the OMAP3EVM to contain
> basic settings and a 'hello world' script before I could do/add something
> useful. My changes were:
> -# CONFIG_PARTITION is not set
> +CONFIG_DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT="board/omap/omap3evm/env"
> But, I did come across this error:
> premi # make
> scripts/kconfig/conf -s arch/arm/Kconfig
> Makefile:1261: *** default environment path empty.  Stop.
> make distclean did not help as well. Somehow, the value of
> CONFIG_DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT in the defconfig seem to take
> precedence over .config. Though, i can;t be sure as I
> was tinkering all over. But finally when the defconfig
> and .config were same, build was successful.
> Will try to see if i can create a reproducible scenario;
> but, if it give hints, may be a problem to look at. Or
> simple ignore as user error.
> Now, I have "barebox_default_env" built alongside barebox.bin
> How do I get this envronment on the EVM?
> Did go thru docs (http://barebox.org/documentation/barebox-2009.12.0/)
> but did not find the next step.

I plan to spend some time this weekend to update the environment and
post updated. Any pointers will be useful.

Best regards,

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