confusion about relocation (ARM)

Matthias Kaehlcke matthias at
Fri Jan 1 14:48:22 EST 2010


i'm trying to run barebox on an EP93xx (ARM) board, but don't get
beyond the invocation of some initcalls from start_barebox(). at the
moment i have no JTAG for debugging and rely on LEDs for hints whats
going on. my suspicion is that the stack or SDRAM isn't set up

a comment in start_barebox() says 'We are running from RAM now', so i
deduced SDRAM must work. but after having a look at start-arm.S i'm a
little bit confused. as far as i understand the barebox code is copied
to RAM in copy_loop(). what i don't see is where the program counter
is set to the address in RAM?

any insights?

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