Barebox on a 3730

Orjan Friberg of at
Fri Dec 3 04:11:48 EST 2010

On 2010-12-03 09:08, Orjan Friberg wrote:
> I'll take a look at arch/arm/mach-omap/omap3_clock.c.

Ok, that stuff looks like it's a bit out of my league.  I guess you'd 
need to read the TRM very carefully and/or have a JTAG debugger handy to 
get it right.

Sanjeev, if you're able to make a patch I'd be grateful.

(On a related note, is everyone using MMC for bootstrapping?  I'm 
finding very little related to rambooting the 35x or 37x.)

Orjan Friberg
FlatFrog Laboratories AB

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