[PATCH 00/13] Clean malloc() implementation

Alessandro Rubini rubini-list at gnudd.com
Mon Nov 23 05:24:44 EST 2009

> This patch set tries to clean up the current malloc source code to get rid of
> all the ugly and unused code in these files.

However, this is dlmalloc, i.e. an independently-developed package,
that is still evolving independently.

While I agree it's suboptimal per our standards, I think not diverging
from upstream is useful, more than cleaning up this source.

IIRC u-boot-v1 currently moved to a newer and faster version of
dlmalloc (or at least this has been discussed). A similar move would
either be inhibited by your cleanup or it will just discard all your
cleanup work (so you'd better have saved that time).

So unless your cleanup fixes real bugs, I'd better leave dlmalloc as
it is, but I'm aware it's not my call.

BTW: about initializing globals to 0, I think the compiler habe
already been putting them in BSS for a few years, though older
versions didn't do that.


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