Naming conventions for disk drives

Alessandro Rubini rubini-list at
Fri Nov 20 05:43:50 EST 2009

>> > > "disk0" is the whole drive, "disk0.0"..."disk0.3" are the partitions.
>> > >
>> > > Any better ideas?
>> >
>> > why not keep the kernel convention?
> I think sdx will the best as it's now use for usb, scsi, sata etc...

If this is for the crappy bios, let's keep different names. Like grub
does (not that grub is a good example, in general).  Actually, he
original proposal looks like grub, but done with a better syntax and
no redundant parenthesis.

AFAIK there is no guarantee the kernel will enumerate them in the same
order as the crappy bios. Managing a system at the two levels using
the same name pattern but conflicting istances becomes a pain. I much
prefer a separate pattern.


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