which drivers subdirs should be automatically selected?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Dec 22 10:02:40 EST 2009


obj-y   += net/
obj-y   += serial/
obj-y   += nand/
obj-y   += nor/
obj-y   += usb/
obj-$(CONFIG_SPI) += spi/
obj-$(CONFIG_I2C) += i2c/
obj-$(CONFIG_VIDEO) += video/

  is there a fundamental reason that some of those subdirs are
auto-selected, while others are based on a CONFIG variable?  asked
another way, are there some driver subdirs that are so fundamentally
required that they *should* be auto-selected, or should *everything*
be a user-selectable choice?  the above just seems slightly
inconsistent and non-obvious.


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