is barebox meant to be the next generation of u-boot?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Sat Dec 19 03:56:29 EST 2009

  i just want to clarify the direction of barebox -- is it meant to
eventually supplant u-boot?  i ask since i want to know if it's not
worth investing much more time in u-boot (v1) if things are eventually
going to switch over to barebox.

  specifically, i want to use it on my beagleboard, so i "git" checked
out the source for barebox, configured it for the beagle, built it
with the denx "arm-linux-" toolchain and it booted.  i haven't got any
further than that so far but that's all i was after -- just getting it
to boot to the barebox prompt.

  at this point, if barebox is merely *adequate* to do what i want and
supports booting my beagleboard fully, is there any reason i don't
just move to it entirely, knowing it does what i need and it's only
going to get better?  thanks.


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