V2 RC10 via OE cross compile to OMAP3

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Sat Dec 12 06:54:26 EST 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 10:50:49PM -0700, Freeman P. Pascal IV wrote:
> Hello,
>         I'm trying to build RC10 for use on an Archos 7 internet media
>         tablet.  The idea is to load u-boot V2 during the stage 3 boot
>         instead of the original modified initramfs image from flash.
>         I could then select which kernel and root file-system I use to
>         boot the rest of the way.
>         On top of this, I am trying to use an OpenEmbedded overlay
>         that is based on the SDE (Special Developer Edition) release
>         provided by Archos.  I want to use the cross compiler
>         generated by the OE image in preparation for generating a
>         recipe for doing the same when building my release images.
>         With a bit tweaking, I have been able to generate binaries for
>         RC10 for my Archos 7 and my BeagleBoard.  Both using the their
>         own cross compiler tools generated by their separate OE
>         projects.  This is using the patches for the OMAP3 found on
>         this list. 
>         From what I have read, I should be able to copy the
>         executable
>         ELF binary (not the .bin file) on to my respective devices and
>         run it to test if it works.  When I do this, I get an "Illegal
>         instruction" error.
>         Could I get someone to confirm or deny my assumption about
>         being able to test the elf binary on my devices?  Should I be
>         compiling the sandbox version for my devices instead of the
>         platform/board specific versions?

You cannot run the ELF file on your devices, you have to use the bin
file for this. The ELF file is only usable for the sandbox target in
which case you run it on the machine you compiled it on.


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