[[RFC] 00/14] Bring in x86 support into 'barebox'

Mike Frysinger vapier.adi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 12:51:22 EST 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 12:37, Andy Pont wrote:
> Juergen wrote...
>> This patch series brings in some kind of x86 support into the tree.
>> At first this support can act as a boot loader on a BIOS based
>> x86 machine like GRUB is. E.g. barebox will be stored in the MBR of
>> a boot media the BIOS supports to boot from. This implementation still
>> talks to the BIOS in real mode, to load or store data from/to a disk
>> drive, but the barebox core itself runs in flat mode.
> This seems like a re-inventing the wheel to me and as such strikes me as a
> pointless exercise.  There are plenty of bootloaders that will live in the
> MBR that a BIOS can call - Grub, LILO, etc. and the whole CoreBOOT project
> whose aim is to replace commercial BIOS products.
> I would have thought effort would be better focussed on other architectures.

while i agree, if someone feels like wasting their own time on it, do
you still tell them no ?

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