[PATCH] b43: Fix bogus compilation warning for phy_n

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net
Thu May 19 17:35:53 EDT 2011

When cross-compiling the 2.6.39 wireless-testing source using GCC version
(SUSE Linux) 4.3.2 [gcc-4_3-branch revision 141291] on an x86_64 system,
the following warning is issued:

  CC [M]  drivers/net/wireless/b43/phy_n.o
drivers/net/wireless/b43/phy_n.c: In function ‘b43_nphy_cal_tx_iq_lo’:
drivers/net/wireless/b43/phy_n.c:3096: warning: ‘last’ may be used
        uninitialized in this function

A quick look at the code shows that the warning is bogus and a gcc bug,
but to ensure clean compilation for all users, mark the offending variable
as uninitialized.

Signed-off-by: Larry Finger <Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net>

Index: wireless-testing-new/drivers/net/wireless/b43/phy_n.c
--- wireless-testing-new.orig/drivers/net/wireless/b43/phy_n.c
+++ wireless-testing-new/drivers/net/wireless/b43/phy_n.c
@@ -3093,7 +3093,7 @@ static int b43_nphy_cal_tx_iq_lo(struct
 	int freq;
 	bool avoid = false;
 	u8 length;
-	u16 tmp, core, type, count, max, numb, last, cmd;
+	u16 tmp, core, type, count, max, numb, uninitialized_var(last), cmd;
 	const u16 *table;
 	bool phy6or5x;

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