QCA6174, is it ath6kl or ath10k?

Yan Bellavance ybellavance at tamaggo.com
Thu Oct 22 14:01:06 PDT 2015

Hello Kalle,

Thanks for prompt reply.  Frankly, I'm still trying to figure what driver we have really.  It's called qcaqcld2.0 but I see references to ath6kl in the various folders relating to the wifi. So that is why I presumed it was based on a ath6kl driver. What exactly is the qcaqcld2.0 driver?

1) Here is the list of files and folders in 

		drwxrwxr-x ar5523
		drwxrwxr-x ath5k
		drwxrwxr-x ath6kl
		drwxrwxr-x ath9k
		-rw-rw-r-- ath.h
		drwxrwxr-x carl9170
		-rw-rw-r-- debug.c
		-rw-rw-r-- hw.c
		-rw-rw-r-- Kconfig
		-rw-rw-r-- key.c
		-rw-rw-r-- main.c
		-rw-rw-r-- Makefile
		-rw-rw-r-- regd.c
		-rw-rw-r-- regd_common.h
		-rw-rw-r-- regd.h
		-rw-rw-r-- reg.h
		drwxrwxr-x wil6210

As you can see there is no ath10k folder.

2) Here is the list of folders in 

		drwxrwxr-x ath6kl-utils
		drwxrwxr-x cnss-daemon
		drwxrwxr-x utils

As you can see it contains an ath6kl-utils folder.

3) When I look in

		I see references to BOARD_HAS_ATH_WLAN_AR6320 only, which is useless to us.

4) When I look at athdiag.c, a file inside the qcacld2.0 tools folder, I get the following target info for the register set:


		static const struct ath_target_info target_info[] = {
			{"AR9888_v2", reg_ar9888_v2},
			{"AR6320_v1", reg_ar6320_v1},
			{"AR6320_v2", reg_ar6320_v2},
			{"AR6320_v3", reg_ar6320_v3},

5) I will spare you the list of all the other details I have found which raises questions.
I know support for ath10k starts with kernel 4.0 and we have kernel 3.10 but I don't see anything that would tell me that a backport has been applied.  And we've been having some issues so that is how I got here.



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Subject: Re: QCA6174, is it ath6kl or ath10k?

Yan Bellavance <ybellavance at tamaggo.com> writes:

> I would like to know if the QCA6174 should be driven by ath6kl driver or
> ath10k.  I'm working with snapdragon 810 devkit and it looks like it's using
> ath6kl based driver but official linux documentation and github point out that
> it should be driven by ath10k.

What makes you think you should use ath6kl with QCA6174? Please provide

> Could someone explain to me what are the differences between the two(briefly
> and in the context of QCA61x4) and if there are drawbacks to using the ath6kl
> one?

ath10k and ath6kl are drivers for different chipsets, you cannot just
choose with one to use. I don't understand why you think you can choose
as you can't.

> Why are we not using ath10k driver?

With QCA6174 you have to use ath10k.

Kalle Valo

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