QCA6174, is it ath6kl or ath10k?

Kalle Valo kvalo at qca.qualcomm.com
Wed Oct 21 23:34:15 PDT 2015

Yan Bellavance <ybellavance at tamaggo.com> writes:

> I would like to know if the QCA6174 should be driven by ath6kl driver or
> ath10k.  I'm working with snapdragon 810 devkit and it looks like it's using
> ath6kl based driver but official linux documentation and github point out that
> it should be driven by ath10k.

What makes you think you should use ath6kl with QCA6174? Please provide

> Could someone explain to me what are the differences between the two(briefly
> and in the context of QCA61x4) and if there are drawbacks to using the ath6kl
> one?

ath10k and ath6kl are drivers for different chipsets, you cannot just
choose with one to use. I don't understand why you think you can choose
as you can't.

> Why are we not using ath10k driver?

With QCA6174 you have to use ath10k.

Kalle Valo

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