Problems Configuring VHT160 and VHT80+80 for QCA9984

Robert Jones rjones at
Thu Jan 11 17:46:09 PST 2018


I'm working with a WLE1216V5-20 ath10k wave 2 card using QCA9984
chipset and having problems configuring an AP for VHT160 or 80+80
mode. The hostapd v2.6 tool in both cases tells me that the "Driver
does not support configured VHT capability".

I'm using the custom board and firmware .bin files found at I see on the same page
that they recommend using one of Ben Greear's kernels but I would
prefer to stick with a mainline 4.14 if possible.

Is this capability truly missing from the ath10k driver or am I
misconfiguring something in my hostapd.conf?

If the former, can anyone point me to a patch set that I can apply to
the ath10k driver to support either of these two modes?

Robert Jones

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