SparkLan WPEQ-261ACN (QCA6174) : packets loss ?

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Thu Jan 11 10:36:24 PST 2018

OK, many thanks for these advices. ^_^
I will try both cases:
   *) recent board files + older firmware file
   *) recent board + firmware files and latest ath10k thanks to
backports project

Moreover, do you have any clue about previous questions Q4 and Q5 ?

And finally, I know it will be difficult to answer, but:
Q6) what is the expected throughput on Linux host ?
   WLAN TCP/IP Throughput
      620Mbps/600Mbps TCP DL/UL (PCIe2.1)
Is it true on Linux ?

Thanks again for your help,

2018-01-11 17:21 UTC+01:00, Kalle Valo <kvalo at>:
> Contrib Open Source < at> writes:
>> So my questions are :
>> Q1) is it correct to "downgrade" firmware API in this case (symbolic
>> link firmware-5.bin) ?
> It's not safe, you have to really know what you are doing and understand
> the ath10k internals. We do these FW API increases (5 -> 6) for a
> reason, usually because the new firmware won't work with older version
> of ath10k.
> But if you want to run latest ath10k on older kernels I recommend to
> look at backports project:
>> Q2) is it possible to use recent board files with an "older" firmware
>> file ?
> To my knowledge board files are not dependent on the firmware versions.
> So yes, you should be able to use newer board-2.bin with older firmware
> release.
>> Q3) how to know which firmware files to use for my specific device ?
> The firmware releases are not "device" specific (but of course it
> depends on what you mean with device in this context). But my
> recommendation is to always use the latest firmware which works with
> your kernel (WITHOUT any symlink hacks etc).
> --
> Kalle Valo

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