Please add new board files for WLE1216V5-20 and another Compex NIC.

Sven Eckelmann sven.eckelmann at
Thu Apr 12 00:27:55 PDT 2018

On Mittwoch, 11. April 2018 08:18:15 CEST Tim Harvey wrote:
> It's not clear what the process is for getting new board id's
> supported in the board.bin files.

The reaction of QCA when asking for new IDs was mostly "please go away, we 
will not talk to you about it". But with the help of Kalle Valo, a new 
mechanism called "qcom,ath10k-calibration-variant" was added (for embedded 
boards which include QCA 11ac wave2 radios). There are a couple of mails 
about it on this list - a general overview about BDFs, variant strings and 
why we need them can be found at

But it looks like you really got the IDs 30+31 (maybe because you are selling 
the, as separate PCIe modules?). Then I would guess that you can still use the 
same process as we use for the accesspoint specific BDFs (just without the 
variant= part).

The description of the general upstreaming process can be found at - but it 
seems like Kalle Valo doesn't have much time for it at the moment for it (or
there might be other problems which we don't see from our perspective - for 
example legal departments).

Maybe you or Ben Greear can enhance the submission for the BDFs to better 
answer the questions from the "Submitting board files" guide. 

Examples for such submission

* OpenMesh A42

  - applied

* Asus RT-AC58U

  - not yet accepted
  - submitted before the guide was published

* Netgear EX6100v2/EX6150v2

  - not yet accepted

* 8devices Jalapeno

  - not yet accepted

* GL.iNet GL-B1300

  - not yet accepted

* OpenMesh A62

  - not yet accepted

Still waiting for send BDFs to upstream

* Meraki MR33

  - Chris Blake?

* Fritzbox 4040

  - Christian Lamparter?

* maybe more which I missed

Kind regards,
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