about nohwcrypt in ath10k parameter

KwangMin Kim kim25444 at naver.com
Sat Nov 25 23:05:57 PST 2017

Using ath10k (backports-4.4.2, kernel-3.2.58), I got the same problem as the mailing list below.


While collecting information on resolving this problem, I noticed that there is a nohwcrypt parameter on ath10k.

So I'm going to ask some questions.

    1. If I use this parameter (nohwcrypt), is there a difference in the authentication process?
        Or what is the difference between writing and not writing these parameters(nohwcrypt)?

    2. If I use this parameter (nohwcrypt), can I fix this? (When I look at the ath10k driver source it does not seem to have this problem.)

    3. If I use this parameter (nohwcrypt) under the assumption that all the available bandwidth is used at all times, how much performance loss do I have?

Best regards.


Kwang-Min Kim(kim25444 at naver.com)


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