Reporting a bug for QCA6174 802.11ac

Guilherme Íscaro cabelitostos at
Tue Mar 28 10:45:59 PDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I would like to inform that I "fixed" the problem. After my last
email, I cloned the linux repo and started to hack around the driver
source code. By looking at the dmesg output that I provided to you
guys, I noticed that for some reason the board was not being properly
awake ( ath10k_pci_wake_wait() returns ETIMEOUT). I so sick with this
problem that I hardcoded "ar_pci->pci_ps" to false, thus the board
can't sleep now.

Please, send some thoughts.

I attached the patch so you guys can take a look.


2017-03-23 20:11 GMT-03:00 Guilherme Íscaro <cabelitostos at>:
> Hello Ryan, thanks for your contact.
> My AP is a D-link DMG 6661. I'll try another wifi settings and check
> if it happens and if it happens I'll provide de ftrace logs.
> Btw, just after I read your email the bug happened. Here's the full
> dmesg. After the "failed to wake target" problem happens it keeps
> flooding dmesg forever. There are no other error indications.
> I guess that the dmesg output will not help us, maybe ftrace will be
> more helpful. Anyway, here's the dmesg...
> Thanks for your help
> 2017-03-23 19:46 GMT-03:00 Ryan Hsu <ryanhsu at>:
>> Let's start from the basic, could you provide the ftrace logs and also the AP model you're using? try without security or different phy mode to see if it would behave differently?
>> The last thing is, your previous logs only stuffed with the register access failure logs, can you share a full dmesg logs as well?
>> Ryan
>> ________________________________________
>> From: Guilherme Íscaro <cabelitostos at>
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 3:17 PM
>> To: Ryan Hsu
>> Cc: ath10k at
>> Subject: Re: Reporting a bug for QCA6174 802.11ac
>> Hi, unfortunately the problem happened with the new drivers and firmware. :[
>> I really don't know what to do anymore.....
>> thanks.
>> 2017-03-22 10:56 GMT-03:00 Guilherme Íscaro <cabelitostos at>:
>>> I've installed the new firmware/driver. I'll send a new email in some
>>> days to tell you guys if the new driver/firmware resolved the problem.
>>> Thanks for the help.
>>> 2017-03-21 15:58 GMT-03:00 Guilherme Íscaro <cabelitostos at>:
>>>> Hello Ryan, Thanks for your response.
>>>> My AP is in the same room that I use my notebook, it's right in front
>>>> of me. There's no specific scenario for this failure to happen.
>>>> Sometimes it does not happens for days, but sometimes it happens 3/4
>>>> times in the same day.
>>>> It looks like that there is not specific scenario, sometimes it
>>>> happens while I'm using firefox, sometimes it happens when my laptop
>>>> is "doing nothing". (Was it helpful?)
>>>> I'm using WiFi 802.11n, 2.4ghz with AES.
>>>> I'll try this new firmware/driver.
>>>> Thanks.
>>>> 2017-03-21 15:35 GMT-03:00 Ryan Hsu <ryanhsu at>:
>>>>> Iscaro,
>>>>> Not sure how exactly the issue and scenario of your usage.
>>>>> e.g how far the AP from you and is there any specific scenario you're seeing the failure open?
>>>>> Also would you mind try to pick up the latest firmware to see if that help?
>>>>> With the latest firmware, you might also need to get the latest driver backport package.
>>>>> Ryan
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>>>>>> Guilherme Íscaro
>>>>>> Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 08:32 AM
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>>>>>> Subject: Reporting a bug for QCA6174 802.11ac
>>>>>> Hello everyone, I would like to report a bug for QCA6174.
>>>>>> I use WiFi everyday, but from time to time I lose my connection. This might be
>>>>>> related to a firmware problem, because after I lose my connection the firmware
>>>>>> keeps flooding dmesg about problems.
>>>>>> I have this problem since I  bought my laptop (which was last year) and I do
>>>>>> regular updates in my system.
>>>>>> P.S: dmest output attached.
>>>>>> My system:
>>>>>> Dist: Arch Linux.
>>>>>> Kernel: 4.10.3-1
>>>>>> Linux-firmware version: 20170309.695f2d6-1 (commit 695f2d6d82173f4e...
>>>>>> from linux-firmware)
>>>>>> Board: 02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 802.11ac
>>>>>> Wireless Network Adapter (rev 32)
>>>>>> Please, let me know if I should provide more info.
>>>>>> Thanks.
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