How to integrate the latest ath10k driver into an older kernel release ?

Jean-Luc Kalmus jean-luc at
Fri Mar 10 04:57:23 PST 2017

How can I integrate the latest ath10k driver into Linux kernel v3.10.20 ? 

According to this wiki the integration requires the backports.git and linux-next.git (or linux-next-history.git or linux-stable.git) trees to be on corresponding tags.
I found that the latest tag in the backports.git tree is ‘backports-20160324’. Therefore the latest ath10k driver I can integrate is from the kernel tag next-20160324.
I used the command: ./ --copy-list copy-list  --integrate --clean  ~/linux-next-history/ ~/linux-3.10.20/

However, when I tried to integrate drivers from the linux tag next-20170309 using a backports tree on backports-20160324, that resulted in patching errors.
How to do the integration in that case ? 

The same problem occurs when using the method explained in this wiki page using the ath.git tree.

Jean-Luc Kalmus

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