4.9 Kernel panic on ACS and intermittent ability to host AP

Chris Price chris.price at dejero.com
Fri Mar 3 06:20:26 PST 2017

> For the rest of the response, I'm back to using the old firmware. In
> addition, I tried not setting the skip_otp option and I seem to be
> able to get it working, so this is probably some bad advice I found
> somewhere on the web.

This seems to have been a fluke as I'm back to getting kernel panics
on a vanilla 4.9 kernel with the firmware from kernel.org. The panic
looks the same as before. Reception is still good.

I'm not sure it's relevant, but I'm connecting the card via a M.2 to
mini PCIe adapter. I've tried multiple adapters and with multiple
cards, and the adapters themselves seem to be working okay.

> * #{ managed } <= 2, #{ P2P-client } <= 2, #{ AP, mesh point, P2P-GO }
> <= 1, #{ P2P-device } <= 1,
>   total <= 4, #channels <= 2
> Maybe I misunderstand the output, but I would expect to be able to
> host two access points simultaneously.

I do misunderstand the output: *#{ AP, mesh point, P2P-GO } <= 1*. Derp.

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