Recent driver changes destabilized QCA9377 connection quality

Tobias Predel tobias.predel at
Sun Jan 29 02:48:30 PST 2017


I just want to report a negative development I have been experiencing for a week now.

Recent changes in ath10k driver code seem to destabilize QCA9377 connection quality in 802.11b/g networks, as hardware and software configuration (wpa_supplicant) hasn't changed. Before, I have managed to have a fair connection quality for around three months. At the moment I encounter multiple connection losses.

dmesg reports usual losses and timeouts on both linux-lts 4.4.44 and linux 4.8.13 (Arch Linux). 

Please restore former functionality.

Sincerely yours,

Tobias Predel
Tobias Predel
currently studying Transportation engineering B.Sc.
at Stuttgart University

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