QCA9880 3x3 80Mhz low performance

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
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We ran some more tests using our x86 based platforms with 9880 NICs and 9984 NICs
acting as both AP and Station.  This is in an isolation chamber, wired up with SMA cables
and variable attenuator, in as perfect of a condition as we can manage.

First, here is LANforge acting as AP and station devices, using QCA9880 3x3 hardware:


And with 9984 systems:


In case you read closely and wonder, 'Armageddon' is our modified version of pktgen.


On 01/12/2017 01:24 AM, Sebastian Gottschall wrote:
> @ben greear. it cannot be cpu related. the ipq8064 has 1.2 ghz and is a very fast arm core. the platform handles 9984 with much higher speed.
> i got notice of the same issue reported by people on various cpu platforms.
> Am 12.01.2017 um 09:15 schrieb Phyu The:
>> Dear Ben,
>> Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
>> I have tried as your suggestion to test IPQ8064+QCA9880 with Ath10k CT firmware/driver to run throughput UDP/TCP. Unfortunately, I could not be able to see
>> throughput improvement. Could you please suggest what may cause low throughput?
>> thanks,
>> Phyuthe
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>> Subject: Re: QCA9880 3x3 80Mhz low performance
>> We have not done a lot of testing in AP mode, but when using 9880 3x3 compex NICs
>> in our 2U rackmounts (high end Intel E5 processors), and with CT firmware/drivers,
>> we see near 950Mbps UDP download in station mode.  I think we were a bit slower in
>> AP mode, but not that much.
>> Are you testing TCP or UDP traffic?
>> http://www.candelatech.com/images/data-comp-07-20-2016-1147-with-labels.png
>> Have you tried normal STA/AP mode instead of WDS?
>> Maybe you are CPU bound on your platform?
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
>> On 01/10/2017 05:09 PM, Phyu The wrote:
>>> Dear Ben,
>>> I configured AP_WDS and Sta_WDS mode, channel 149, 11ac, 3x3, 80MHz and without encryption. I used 2 RF boxes with 3 adjustable attenuators running throughput
>>> by Ixchairot to get best performance. However, throughput seems limited to 640Mbps. Kindly see attached for your reference for more details.
>>> thanks,
>>> Phyuthe
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>>> To: Phyu The ; ath10k at lists.infradead.org
>>> Subject: Re: QCA9880 3x3 80Mhz low performance
>>> You should provide a lot more information about how you configured and tested the system,
>>> including traffic generator and RF environment, etc.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ben
>>> On 01/09/2017 10:19 PM, Phyu The wrote:
>>>> Dear Sir,
>>>> I tested performance throughput test used WPQ864 + QCA9880 11ac 80MHz is 640Mbps that is very low since theoretical data rate is 1300Mbps. It should be at
>>>> least 866Mbps. Could you please suggest me how to get better performance?
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Phyuthe
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