need a simple device to work with ath10k (desktop PC running Linux)

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Tue Apr 25 08:06:11 PDT 2017

Eitan Bar < at> writes:

> I recently bought WUSB6100m dongle (Linksys), with the (naive) hope
> that since its chipset is QCA9377, it will be supported and I can do
> some work on it...
> However, when I tried using it - Linux didn't recognize it, and then
> (with a google search I should have done prior to ordering, hehe) - I
> found out that only PCI seems to be supported (?)

Erik is working on adding USB support to ath10k (iirc he uses that
dongle for testing) and he has a kernel tree on github which has all the
patches. Search the archives of this list for more info.

Kalle Valo

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