need a simple device to work with ath10k (desktop PC running Linux)

Eitan Bar at
Sat Apr 22 23:19:06 PDT 2017


I recently bought WUSB6100m dongle (Linksys), with the (naive) hope
that since its chipset is QCA9377, it will be supported and I can do
some work on it...

However, when I tried using it - Linux didn't recognize it, and then
(with a google search I should have done prior to ordering, hehe) - I
found out that only PCI seems to be supported (?)

Anyhow - I would like to know which device that can be easily
purchased/installed can be used?
which devices are used by the people in this group?

My machine is a desktop PC, so should I purchase a miniPCI card, like
SparkLan module
and attach to some MiniPCI-to-PCI adapter?

Any help would be appreciated :)

Best regards,

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