accessing ath10k calibration data

Michal Kazior michal.kazior at
Thu Sep 15 04:24:01 PDT 2016

On 15 September 2016 at 01:54, Marty Faltesek <mfaltesek at> wrote:
> I sent out the patch.
> I ran into another related issue. Let me explain what we are trying to do:
> We want to examine cal_data for a possibly mis-calibrated OTP, and if
> so, patch it and store
> the result in /tmp (creating a symlink from
> /ilb/firmware/ath10k/cal-pci-0001:01:00.0.bin to /tmp).
> But ath10k_fetch_cal_file() is only read once at load time, so I've
> modified the code to call this function from
> ath10k_download_cal_file()
> so that the driver catches the modified cal_data. This seems to work
> based on the read back of the patched cal_data, but is it the right
> approach, or is there a better or cleaner way?

The reason why firmware files (including cal, et al) in memory is to
guarantee firmware reloads result in the same set of hw capabilities
which can be advertised during mac80211 register time. Changing them
in runtime is not really clean.

I don't really have a clean answer for you.

Do you really need to keep given driver instance running without
interruption? At what point do you verify caldata? If it's before
upping interfaces you could either unload/load the driver or
unbind/bind the device itself to force it to read firmware files anew.


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