Issues with brining up Compex WLE900VX in 80211AC mode

Michal Kazior michal.kazior at
Mon May 16 04:24:25 PDT 2016

On 16 May 2016 at 12:18, Sridhar Kondabathini <sridhark at> wrote:
> Hi,
>   When we are trying to bring up Hostapd on t1024-frescale board with kernel-3.12;
> ath10k drivers backported from 4.4;hostapd 2.5 for 11AC support is used. Radio card is
> used is atheros-wle900vx.
> Then our access point is not coming up, throwing below error.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Minicom print
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Line 56: DEPRECATED: 'dump_file' configuration variable is not used anymore
> rfkill: Cannot open RFKILL control device
> wlan0: interface state UNINITIALIZED->COUNTRY_UPDATE
> Could not set fragmentation threshold for kernel driver

ath10k doesn't support fragmentation threshold. Just remove
fragm_threshold from your hostapd conf file.


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