Performance degradation over time

Matthew Keeler mjkeeler7 at
Wed Mar 9 04:46:47 PST 2016

 How can I tell if calibration is done in EEPROM or out-of-band?

Matt Keeler

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> On 9 March 2016 at 03:01, Matthew Keeler wrote:
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> > So with the most recent firmware I am experiencing different performance issues. First, the latest firmware after coming up does significantly less than it used to. For 2.4 GHz where before it would do ~50Mbps it now can only average ~30Mbps (the rate is sporadic though anywhere from 10Mbps to 40Mbps) and this is about 3 inches away from my antennas on an unused channel. Secondly sometimes I have seen it drop down to < .1 Mbps. I grabbed the fw_stats. One thing that seems drastically different between my 2.4 Ghz and my 5 Ghz is that 2.4 has extremely high error counts where my 5 GHz is < 400. Could this be a symptom of misconfiguration or more firmware issues?
> The only thing that comes to mind is that this could be related to
> (mis)calibration.
> Does your card contain calibration in EEPROM or is it out-of-band? Do
> note: many cards found in routers have out-of-band cal data. If it's
> in EEPROM this could be either a quirk in board.bin or otp.bin (which
> is embedded in the firmware blob). You could try experimenting with
> different firmware versions (including 10.1.467) to see if it changes
> much.
> Michał

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