[PATCH v2 00/11] ath10k: implement push-pull tx model

Michal Kazior michal.kazior at tieto.com
Tue Mar 1 02:32:45 PST 2016

This adds support for the new logic where host
tells firmware how many frames are queued for each
station/tid and then firmware asks host to submit
frames for given station/tid.

The patch count is a bit high but I tried
splitting the patches as much as possible to keep
them short and easy to review. Hopefully it's not
going to be a huge headache.

 - squashes some patches
 - reworked pending frame scheduling

Michal Kazior (11):
  ath10k: refactor tx code
  ath10k: unify txpath decision
  ath10k: refactor tx pending management
  ath10k: maintain peer_id for each sta and vif
  ath10k: add fast peer_map lookup
  ath10k: add new htt message generation/parsing logic
  ath10k: implement wake_tx_queue
  ath10k: implement updating shared htt txq state
  ath10k: store txq in skb_cb
  ath10k: keep track of queue depth per txq
  ath10k: implement push-pull tx

 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.c   |   2 +
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.h   |  16 +
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt.h    |  21 +-
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c | 298 ++++++++++++++++-
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_tx.c | 261 +++++++++++----
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/mac.c    | 534 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/mac.h    |   6 +
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/txrx.c   |  11 +-
 8 files changed, 1019 insertions(+), 130 deletions(-)


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