ath10k/QCA9980 - Issues introduced in wireless testing 2016-05

Nagarajan, Ashok Raj arnagara at
Fri Jul 15 04:49:09 PDT 2016

> On 06/10/2016 05:57 AM, Felix Fietkau wrote:
>>> On 2016-06-10 14:52, Ben Greear wrote:
>>> This looks a lot like the problems I was having.
>>> Two of these 5 patches recently made it upstream (but may not be in LEDE yet),
>>> but the other patches also were related to memory corruption.
>>> See my patches posted on 4/1/16:
>>> I don't know where the 5/5 patch ended up.
>> I had already asked affected users to test with those patches (I have a
>> commit that adds them in my staging tree), but it did not resolve the issue.
>Ok, must be something else then.
>If you can run on x86 under KASAN it may provide some clues..that is how I eventually
>made progress on the issues I was seeing.  My rebase onto 3.7 has been slow and painful,
>but I should be ready to start testing that sometime soon, maybe I can reproduce something

Hi Benz,

Could you please check with the following diff if it is solving your issue?

diff --git a/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c b/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c
index 6f19fca..c192a41 100644
--- a/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c
+++ b/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c
@@ -1528,7 +1528,7 @@ static void ath10k_htt_rx_h_filter(struct ath10k *ar,
static int ath10k_htt_rx_handle_amsdu(struct ath10k_htt *htt)
        struct ath10k *ar = htt->ar;
-       static struct ieee80211_rx_status rx_status;
+       struct ieee80211_rx_status *rx_status = &htt->rx_status;
        struct sk_buff_head amsdu;
        int ret;
@@ -1553,11 +1553,11 @@ static int ath10k_htt_rx_handle_amsdu(struct ath10k_htt *htt)
        ath10k_pktlog_rx(ar, &amsdu);
-       ath10k_htt_rx_h_ppdu(ar, &amsdu, &rx_status, 0xffff);
+       ath10k_htt_rx_h_ppdu(ar, &amsdu, rx_status, 0xffff);
        ath10k_htt_rx_h_unchain(ar, &amsdu, ret > 0);
-       ath10k_htt_rx_h_filter(ar, &amsdu, &rx_status);
-       ath10k_htt_rx_h_mpdu(ar, &amsdu, &rx_status);
-       ath10k_htt_rx_h_deliver(ar, &amsdu, &rx_status);
+       ath10k_htt_rx_h_filter(ar, &amsdu, rx_status);
+       ath10k_htt_rx_h_mpdu(ar, &amsdu, rx_status);
+       ath10k_htt_rx_h_deliver(ar, &amsdu, rx_status);



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