CT 4.2 kernel now supports 80Mhz IBSS

Jorge Baranda jbaranda at cttc.es
Fri Sep 25 00:56:32 PDT 2015

Hi Harms,

Thank you very much for your aclaration. I was trying to follow your 
setup with the CT kernel 4.0, but with no success, so after the post of 
Ben, I imagine I have to install CT 4.2 kernel.
By the way, I suppose that I have already this patch in my folder of the 
kernel 4.2 since I downloaded it from git (17/09/15) after you made your 
post. Just in case, could you point me out to the patch you are refering to?
Other thing,  which CT firmware are you using (mine Release14)? 
Additionally, could you share your .config file for the CT 4.2 kernel? 
I'm having some troubles to make this kernel running and I am a little 

Thanks again,


El 25/09/15 09:47, Harms, Hannes escribió:
> Hi,
> yes, I was able to get 80 MHz IBSS working with CT 4.2 , but
> I also  integrated the missing patch to my kernel  even before Ben 
> mentioned that the patch was missing.
> I also forgot that I made this change, sorry
> Regards Hannes
> Am 25.09.2015 um 08:48 schrieb Jorge Baranda:
>> Hi Ben,
>> I imagine, I am one of the guys you are refering to.
>> Within the thread "WLE600VX from PCEngines", I was trying to make 
>> working a HT80 IBSS connection with wpa_supplicant, but this 
>> connection was only set to 20MHz.
>> I was trying this with the 4.0 kernel, the 10.1.467-ct-14 firmware 
>> and the last version (git) of wpa_supplicant (2.5). By the way, has 
>> anyone tried this?
>> Then, due to this failure, I tried kernel 4.2 because Hannes Harm 
>> reported success to set HT80 IBSS. But I was not able to configure 
>> properly this kernel (compile OK, but the computer does not boot then).
>> @Ben, could you share a .config file for kernel 4.2? Do you think 
>> that Release14 CT firmware would be able to work? I will update the 
>> 4.2 kernel, compile it and try to see
>> if I can set up the HT80 IBSS connection.
>> Thanks,
>> Jorge
>> El 24/09/15 01:56, Ben Greear escribió:
>>> I forget exactly all who was asking for this...but hopefully
>>> they are reading this list...
>>> I was missing a patch that allowed HT80 IBSS in my 4.2.
>>> The beta-15 CT firmware appears to do HT80 IBSS just fine
>>> with the 4.2 kernel now.
>>> I have not attempted to enable this feature on my 4.0 kernel yet.
>>> Please also note, I've been hacking on rate-ctrl logic in both 4.0
>>> and 4.2 kernels (and beta-15 firmware)..so if you try it and find
>>> something weird, especially in probe requests or association requests,
>>> please do let me know.  Notes of success are welcome as well of course!
>>> http://www.candelatech.com/ath10k.php
>>> http://dmz2.candelatech.com/git/gitweb.cgi
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ben

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