Sending lldp packets with ath10k in ADHOC mode

Jorge Baranda jbaranda at
Wed Sep 23 08:12:58 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I have a setup which consists of three computers connected by means of 
WLE900VX cards using the ath10k driver.
One computer (which we can call master) is equipped with two of these 
cards and I set different modes to connect the "master" with the other 
In particular, a pair of computers (master-computer A) is connected in 
ad-hoc mode and the other pair (master-computer B) is connected in 
AP-STA mode.

I want to send LLDP packets through both interfaces of master computer 
to perform link discovery. But I have realised that sending LLDP 
messages is only possible through the
interface configured as AP. Nevertheless, I've seen that the ad-hoc 
interface is able to send ARP broadcast messages.
Due to this fact, when generating the LLDP packets I set as destination 
MAC address the broadcast one, but even so, the ad-hoc interface is not 
sending the LLDP messages.
Does anyone have an idea of the reason of this behavior? Which is 
treating differently the ARP and the LLDP packet?
I was expecting the ad-hoc interface to forward any kind of packet with 
mac destination address the broadcast address.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and attention,

With kind regards,

Jorge Baranda
Research Engineer, MSc
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